Questions and Answers

Can I invite a girl to me or I can go to a girl?

Your lady can come to you at any time you wish. And you can come to her if a girl you choose has apartments for to meet you. Most of Ukraine escort girls have their own apartments and you have to contact our manager for to know weather your girl has a place to meet you.

Do I need to pay for taxi for a girl?

Yes, you have to pay for taxi for a girl. Moreover taxi service is not expensive in Kiev and Ukraine. And this will save time for your lady will come faster to you.

How much time must I wait for a Kiev girl?

You have to call to Ukraine escort 2 hours minimum before to meet a girl you choose. And if you live not far from the centre of the city and you’ll pay for taxi for a girl she will come faster.

Is it possible to have a girl for half an hour?

Yes, it is possible. Your lady will stay with you as long as you need. Call to our manager for to make a reservation of a girl you like to meet.

Can a Ukraine lady meet me in airport?

Yes, your lady will meet you in airport and will help you to get to the city and your hotel. She will also take you a taxi or rent you a car for you to feel comfort. Call to our manager in Ukraine escort and he will organise your meeting on the highest level.

Can your Kiev escort agency book hotel for me?

Yes, Kiev escort will book any of Kiev hotels you choose to stay. Call to our manager and he will send on your e-mail a list of Ukraine hotels for you to choose the one available for you.

I have especial wishes in sex. Can one of your Kiev girls make it for me?

All girls in Kiev escort are well-experienced in making good Kiev sex and we assure you to get everything you want. Call to our manager and say him what exactly you expect from your lady and he will help you to choose the girl you need.

I am with my friend in Ukraine. Can we have 1 Kiev girl for 2 persons?

Yes, you can. Look through descriptions of girls and call to our manager for to make a reservation of a girl.

I would like to visit Ukraine for the first time. Can your girl show me Kiev and other towns of Ukraine? Does she speak English?

All Kiev escort girls speak English very well and know Ukraine and Kiev perfectly well. And your lady can accompany you I any city of Ukraine. Call to our manager and he will do everything necessary to organize your trip the best way.

If I invite a girl to restaurant, or for to have a walk in Kiev, need I pay look like it is on your site? Or I must pay for sex only?

There are good price propositions in Ukraine escort for to go to restaurant or have a walk around Kiev together with your Kiev lady. Call to our manager for to get more information.

I want to invite a girl to my country. What will be necessary for to make it?

You can invite any of Ukraine girls to come to your country but a procedure of getting visa for a girl depends on a country you live in. Ukraine escort will take care of all documents for a girl and you have to pay for them and to pay for tickets and hotel for your lady. For more information contact us and our manager will tell you about all details.

Where is a guaranty that all your girls are healthy and I will have no “gift” from them?

The guaranty is our prestigious and perfect reputation in the sphere of escort service. For all time we provide escort service there were no precedents and claims from our clients. We assure you that all Kiev escorts girls from escort in Ukraine are healthy and they regularly visit doctors to be sure of their health condition. So, you have no reasons to be afraid of some unpleasant situations.  

What data is necessary to say to your manager, for to make reservation?

To make a reservation of a girl you have to name your address and phone number for your girl could find you. If you stay in hotel tell our manager the name of it and the number of your room. If you have some problems with a choice of a girl our manager will help you to find the one fitted to your description and demands. And don’t forget to contact us 2 hours before to meet a girl you choose.

Can I have 2 or more Kiev girls?

Yes, you can have as many Kiev girls as you want. All girls are available 24 hours a day but you have to call to our manager for to make a previous reservation of girls you like to meet.

Do you have the bisexual Kiev girls in escort in Kiev?

Yes, there are girls to any taste in Kiev escort. Go to girls’ page and choose the one or some girls you like to meet and call to our manager.