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Real photo of Kiev escorts woman Misunderstanding of it leads to disappointments And to loneliness. A practical work of seduction the Question: I like one guy from our group, and for me as the doggie, goes another. It at all is not pleasant to me! And at all of us laugh. If I encourage it still then it is exact, that guy of whom I am enamoured, from me absolutely will turn away, it and so does not pay to me attention. How to me to be? Masha, 18 years the Answer: you say that “all laugh at you”. It occurs because you, so obviously neglecting your gentleman, allow all to the rests to sneer at it. And in vain! If your friends see that you concern it validly they will not dare to mock at it at your presence. In vain you consider, real photo of Kiev escorts woman that if you favourably accept courtings of the guy which “dogs you steps” that young man with whom you sympathise, from you will turn away. In men the feeling of rivalry is strongly developed, and they are involved always with those women who are pleasant to other representatives of their floor (“from another’s table all it seems is more sweet”). They start to see in them advantages which did not notice earlier. So if you surround yourselves with admirers can not doubt that your "rating" among young men will increase. Besides, being surrounded with males, you will feel quiet, assured, and, the main thing, not lonely. Then it will be much easier to you to adjust relations with object of your sympathies because you will not feel too dependent on its favour. I will illustrate it with an example. We will admit, you want to buy or change apartment or to get any thing. How you arrive in this case? You choose necessary, proceeding from available variants. Perhaps, these variants also differ from of what you dreamt. But always it is possible to develop, "finish" subsequently and slightly to correct that has got to you. If you in general refuse the offered variants and remain “on beans”. So, if you are more attentive to those who aspires to attract your attention, that, probably, by closer consideration you can make out among them “a valuable shot”. Keep in mind that the man who aspires to win and keep you, is in most cases ready to change. It to become ready to is better to please you. Other situation is possible also. Perhaps, in yours the circle of contacts in general does not have the men, capable to estimate you, to become interested in you. However it is not excluded, what admirers of your type of appeal "are found" in other places? In that case show the initiative, expand a circle of contacts. For example, you can start to visit sports hall or pool, to go to theatre or on exhibitions, etc. Or you can register in foreign language courses or car driving, to go to cruise, at last. Find that environment where there are the men, capable to estimate your charm. By the way, quite good way to increase a circle of contacts in the most different social spheres is acquaintance under the newspaper announcement or in a network the Internet. Sometimes you do not take into consideration men who burn.